Supervised Recreation

  • Low Ropes Course
    Described by a renowned challenge course designer as one of the best in Eastern Tennessee, our low ropes course is perfect for team building and corporate retreats, featuring many obstacles and challenges cleverly crafted to increase communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and improve teamwork. 
  • Swimming Pool
    Not only is our pool Olympic-sized, it’s heated!  It also features twin diving boards over a diving well, a shallow end, and a 180’ long twisty slide.  Staff lifeguards are required at all times when the pool is in use.
  • Rifle Range
    At the rifle range, learn how to safely and properly handle and shoot a .22 rifle.  The covered rifle range features a vaulted roof, observational benches, and three shooting tables with adjustable seats for right or left handed guests.
  • Archery
    Aim for the bullseye in archery!  Learn how to use a Genesis bow and the physics involved in hitting the target.  The Center can facilitate classes geared toward all skill levels, from beginners to improving the marksmanship of practiced archers.
  • Kayak/Canoeing
    Craving an outdoor activity at a more leisurely pace?  Take advantage of the kayak pond, where you can paddle in a canoe or recreational kayak, enjoying the peaceful scenery and calming atmosphere.  Staff lifeguards are required at all times the kayak pond is in use, and all participants are required to wear life jackets.
  • Zip-line
    Get an adrenaline rush on our zipline, which spans the rivulet that feeds the adjacent kayak pond.​