Self-Guided Recreation

  • Soccer Field
    The soccer field is located next to the pool, and is also perfect for flag football, tag, and other games requiring a spacious, grassy place in which to play.  The field can also be utilized as a marching field for band practices.
  • Football Field
    The football field is located next to the catfish pond.  It is lit for night use, and has an observation tower that comes in handy for use in marching band practices.
  • Tennis/Badminton
    The tennis/badminton court is positioned at the camp’s main entrance, and affords players a sense of privacy and seclusion during one-on-one and partnered games.
  • Basketball Court
    The full basketball court is completely covered and lit at night for evening games.
  • Volleyball
    The volleyball court is centrally located between the boys’ and girls’ cabins.  It’s lighted, sandy court mimics the beach-volleyball experience.
  • Horseshoes
    Multiple horseshoe pits dot the expanse between the girls’ cabins and the Pine Lodge.  There’s no sound quite as satisfying as the “clink” of iron against iron when you make a “ringer.”
  • Playground
    There are several swings and slides at the playground area, along with an umbrella-covered picnic table for guests.  An ADA accessible swing is available upon request.
  • Hiking Trails
    Go exploring on one of our many hiking trails.  Search out interesting plants, insects, trees, and wildlife and take photo “trophies” as souvenirs, all while enjoying the fresh air.
  • Fishing
    Bait your hook, cast your line, and patiently await the first nibble before reeling in your catch.
  • Campfires
    The Morgan/Jolley Friendship Circle is the location of choice for rousing campfire sing-alongs, ghost stories, and more.  S’mores supplies can be provided at additional cost.
  • Gaga
    Two heavy-duty gaga pits are available upon request.  What is gaga, you ask? Why, it’s a fun, fast-paced amalgamation of hand-ball and dodgeball where players try to tag another player out by bouncing a ball off of the opposing player’s legs.​